Omorfee Skin Pro Body Polisher has the right ratio of skin sloughing which has the moisturising element and amazing fragrance that is energising and makes you feel that you have stepped into the luxury spa.  The tub is tremendously formulated with awesomeness. It is contrived of Acai Berry extract, Kokum Butter, Hydrolysed Milk Extracts, Walnut granules, Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Tulip Essential Oil. 

 At a certain age, the body starts degrading in terms of energy and health. The people in a particular age face more health problems and those signs of aging are visible on the skin. The appearance of the dark circles and puffiness under eyes are too scary and it becomes impossible to accept your face in front of a mirror. If you are at that stage of your life, then we must assure you that you are at the right stoppage. Because we are going to link you with the road that consists of the solution of your problem. The application of the various other products which consist the chemicals can lead to affect in a negative way.  It is infused with Brown Seaweed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Sugar Seaweed Extract and Bi-optimized Guava Leaf Extract.

Toners bestow the luxurious look that you crave for! People with normal skin rejoice over Omorfee’s Mellow Drizzle Skin Toner. It eradicates the buildup dirt on your face, helps to shrink the pores, retains the pH level and acts as a protection mask from impurities. It is one of the brilliant toner that makes your skin shine. Once you will start using the facial toner for normal skin, it will leave an undeniable result on your face.


Who loves to own dry and itchy scalp? Are you fed up using gazillions of shampoo, hair oils and many scalp treatments to solve scalp problem? Don’t worry, there is a solution without damaging your scalp as well as hair. Omorfee’s Scalp Care Essential Oil Therapy is made up 100% organic and exotic ingredients that are specially formulated to target the scalp issues.