A Combination Skin Toner, relief from Skin Problems.

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Looking for a toner for  a combination skin? Something ideal for a Dry/Sensitive Skin type? Why does it appear like a natural calamity when your skin revolts? Harmful pollutants, weather conditions, Lifestyle issues, stress; all kind of trigger some or the other skin problems.

A good Skin Care program kind of ensures that your Skin is properly taken care of. Nothing like a squeaky clean skin! Right kind of Toning goes a long way  in keeping your skin well-balanced and hydrated. It does take care of excess oil production on the skin providing enough nourishment. There's a toner with some Organic ingredients like cucumber floral water, ylang-ylang oil, chamomile floral water etc.

A few Skin benefits for Cucumber Floral Water are ideal hydration and useful presence of minerals. Plus, it's supposed to be very helpful in dealing with nasty skin breakouts. Cucumbers are known to soothe your skin from inside out. Use of cucumbers water is also helpful in skin lightening & revitalizing.

Ylang-Ylang Oil, extracted from sweet swelling flowers found in south east and central Asia, is naturally aromatic. It's use is found to be good for combination skin as it balances excess oil production on the skin. It also nourishes & improves the skin tone naturally!

Chamomile Floral Water obtained from the delicate chamomile herb, is reknowned for its healing properties. It is also helpful in reducing skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals. This floral water really tones up the skin and even diminishes marks, spots etc. It also offers a strong possibility of brightening and soothing your skin complexion leaving behind a healthy glow.

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