A Discovery of an Organic Cleansing milk apt for dry to normal skin.

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The commonly available facial cleansers tend to cleanse the skin but often they are loaded with chemicals that have a wrong impact on skin in the long run. Right from allergy, irritation, breakouts to even skin dryness, the list could be endless. A Cleansing Milk by definition should provide Deep Cleansing and also doesn't clog pores at the same time. And choice gets more complicated when it comes to choosing the right cleansing milk for dry skin, which should not just remove dirt and grime from pores but also leave skin hydrated.

Cold pressed natural oils are excellent when it comes for skin care. Due to their natural lipid contents, they help in dissolving grime from skin and their essential fatty acids keep skin soft and moisturized.
Some of the best oils and essential oils have been enlisted here which show right cleansing and the right care for dry/ normal skin.

Olive Oil has great Cleansing Property, being able to do so without actually clogging your Skin Pores. It does wonders for Dry to Normal Skin, offering a deep Cleansing Effect. Also, not to forget, a great source of antioxidants for healthy skin.

Almond Oil helps remove Impurities from your Skin and also dead Skin Cells. Everybody is mostly aware of use of Almond Oil in trying to deal with Wrinkles and Fine Lines as it is a great source of Vitamin E.
And it imparts such a glow!

Lavender Oil is just so aromatic and it is a great boon for skin. Also, it's great for maintaining good, healthy complexion. It helps enhances blood circulation and keeps skin hydrated and problem free.

Clary Sage Oil: This aromatic flower essential oil seeks to actually balance the natural oil present in your skin, thereby adding natural toning to the skin. Also works as an anti-oxidant.

A cleanser which is made of out pure, cold pressed natural oils, certified organic ingredients and pure essential oils, would be a treat for dry/ normal skin, a real savior rather.

'OLIVE CLEANSING MILK' from the Indo- German brand OMORFEE appears to have in it these unctuous and nourishing ingredients. The ingredients look all certified Organic and natural. The major ingredients are- Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Lavender Oil and Clary Sage Oil. So, these together should make an excellent cleansing milk for dry/ normal skin, keeping skin healthy and without the worries of chemicals!