A mild Effective Toner, ideal for Age-Defying help.

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Ageing as a process is inescapable for us humans. Might as well accept it gracefully...our Skin Ages too.The horror of Wrinkles, Appearance of Fine Lines, drawn-out Skin are common.
Then, what are we suppose to do?

As we look at the Options for Age-Defying Products, the use of Chemicals, Alcohols loom large. What if we don't want to resort to using these Harmful Skin Solutions?
Any Options?  Lets delve back to nature!

'ORGANIC INGREDIENTS'! We can certainly look for Skin Products that use Organic Ingredients. Imagine Nature-fresh Ingredients!! WOW Our Skin will thank us.
The beauty of our beloved Skin restored most, naturally.

The list looked EXOTIC to me, so I decided to look up these ingredients myself. Here are some of the most amazing Skin Benefits of these Organic Ingredients.

Sugar Seaweed Extract obtained from the cold water of North Atlantic Ocean, is by far the most EXOTIC and PRECIOUS! It is a trove of nutrients ideal in reducing the depth of wrinkles.
It enhances protection function, hydration of skin and works at deeper skin layers to maintain the youth of skin.

Chamomile is a well known Herb the world over. It is certainly seen as a highly Effective Skin Care Ingredient. The Floral Water is so gentle and soothing on the skin! It provides deep moisture and calms skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil is seen as a valuable Skin Care Organic Ingredient for handling dry, maturing Skin. It quickens the healing process of skin and helps lifting up skin. Also a great incentive for its aroma!

Myrrh Essential Oil is simply looked upto for its ability to Promote Smooth, Youthful-Looking Skin owing to its skin rejuvenation properties.

Himalayan Salt is just Mineral-Rich; fortifies the Skin with its Essential Nutrients.

Wait! All this packed in just one Organic Skin Product?

OMORFEE 'YOUTH CASCADE SKIN TONER' especially Formulated for our Ageing, Mature Skin. I looked at its list of Ingredients. All Organic and not so common organic ingredients.
Chamomile Floral Water, Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, the pink Himalayan Salt and the Sugar Seaweed Extract.

Kind of Amazing!

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