Anti-ageing based Skin Care Serum!

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Seaweeds are marine plants that survive extreme conditions and adapt accordingly to changing environments; giving potent powers to be harnessed for skin renewal. This restorative ability makes Seaweed so valuable in Skin Care terms. Brown Seaweed is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Brown Seaweed Extract is obtained from the Brown Seaweeds procured from the North Atlantic Ocean.

This extract is packed with nutrients, making it an effective strengthening agent to skin. Also, it's a good exfoliant as well. Spas have long used Seaweed baths for cleansing and exfoliating qualities.

Brown Seaweed Extract has natural anti-inflammatory compounds that can have a positive affect on acne explosions. This marine plant has earned some serious kudos in the Skin Care world because of its immense capabilities for Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing and Repairing the Skin. As Facialist Caroline Hitchcock underlines - " Brown algae complex is used in facial serums, eye creams, night creams and is a very potent, concentrated anti-oxidant. It is definitely an ingredient that I would look for when purchasing an anti-ageing product".

Sugar Seaweed Extract also comes from marine algae. Seaweeds assimilate minerals directly from the sea and are thought to be very nutrient-rich. This particular extract is seen as a treasure-trove; helps in reducing Wrinkle-depth. It generally keeps the Skin firmer and hydrated with enhanced barrier function that prevents Skin from Photo-Ageing. A great Anti-Ageing solution!

Olive leaf Extract generally improves the Skin surface by boosting Keratin Protein formation (a key protein for skin). It has concentrated Anti-oxidants and vitamins that helps in Skin Rejuvenation.

Bio-optimized Guava Leaves as an ingredient renders Skin smooth, young and even toned. It keenly prevents Skin tissue damage caused by the Ageing process and also contributes to a healthy Skin tissue regeneration.

WOW!! All the above ingredients are present in brand OMORFEE's Revivify Anti-Ageing Serum. Actually, a treasure-trove for Anti-Ageing!