The Beard n Moustache Oil
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The Beard n Moustache Oil

Nourish & Strengthen your Beard with the pure oils of Argan, Patchouli & Jojoba

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Take a few drop of the oil, as per the length of your beard, spread it all over your palm. Next apply it thoroughly yet gently all over your beard and moustache.

Argan Oil: It enhances the hydration and tames dry and frizzy beard.

Jojoba Oil: It conditions, protects and prevents drying up of beard hair

Castor Oil: Deeply moisturizes and maintains beard growth

Patchouli essential oil prevents and cures itchiness.

Bergamot essential oil further boosts antimicrobial properties of the oil.

Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Patchouli Oil, Bergamot Oil

History evinces the fact that beard and moustache has always been a subject of pride and masculinity in men. Fashion might change but the style of taming and sporting healthy, grown beard will never be out of fashion scene. Stylish and well-groomed beard and moustache make a huge statement for men.

It becomes indispensable to take proper care of beard and maintain its health to keep it looking well-groomed and impressive. Nothing can beat the goodness of pure organic oils and pure essential oils to sustain the health of beard. Moisturizing and thickening properties of Castor Oil and Argan Oil keep beard thick, healthy and eventually make it stronger. Goodness of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E keep beard soft, smooth and shiny. Therapeutic properties of pure essential oils of Bergmot, Patchouli and Lemon ward off itchiness and any infection, which may risk the health of beard as well as skin.

Made with only natural and certified organic ingredients, Omorfee’s’ The Beard N Moustache Oil’ is just the right way to keep your beard grow better and healthier, with nature’s power!

It is made of purely natural and certified organic ingredients (USDA, BDIH, EcoCert)

It is devoid of Paraben, Paraffins, Silicones, Alcohols, Glycols, Synthetic Colors and Fragrance.

Cruelty Free: Not tested on animals

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