Everybody has a fantasy to stay young forever. At a certain age, the body starts degrading in terms of energy and health. The people in a particular age face more health problems and those signs of aging are visible on the skin. The appearance of the dark circles and puffiness under eyes are too scary and it becomes impossible to accept your face in front of a mirror. Omorfee understands the skin type of the people and strives to make the product better and useful for its consumer.

If the changing seasons are making your sin cracky-flaky, chapped and dry which is also making you uncomfortable; you need not to look any further than OMORFEE’S Creamy Soft Nourishing Body Butter or Cocoa Butter. This Organic Cosmetic Product is a wonderful natural moisturiser whose fatty acids are absorbed by the skin, which provides it deep hydration. These fatty acids also add a layer of protection to the skin which shields it from skin stressors, pollutants and free radicals as well. From slowing down the development of your wrinkles to slowing down the ageing process; this Organic Cosmetic Product can also act as a Sunscreen.

Yes, you read it absolutely right. Lavender is one of the most amazing smelling flowers which has the most beloved scents of the world and it’s Lavender Oil is known for its versatility. The endless-list of the benefits of this Lavender Oil make it highly recommendable for skin and health issues. You can now grab this amazing product at the most trusted Organic Store, yes you guessed it right, at OMORFEE.

Omorfee has got an ideal Mother’s Day gift for your one and only superwoman on your list. The brand is giving a chance to show some appreciation to your Mum as it’s an extra effort that will make a difference on your skin.

Omorfee has introduced a fantastic range of Body Butter which will soften, moisturise and hydrate your skin deeply.

a) Creamy Soft Nourishing Body Butter

Helps to nourish your Mum’s body with the goodness of Cocoa blended with Collagen Booster, Vanilla Essential Oil & Wheat Germ Oil and moisturization is really long lasting.

b) Satin Sheen Rejuvenating Body Butter