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Help your skin adapt to the changes in climate




With winter transitioning into spring, our skin needs extra care and attention. Sudden changes in climate often trigger acne development, dryness, irritation in the skin making it look dull and uneven.

Spring is the season of flowers, bloom and growth. It is the perfect time to change products in your skincare regime and help your skin adapt to the harsh changes in the climate. Especially for people with oily skin, adapting to a new skincare regime with season change is a challenge as they have a higher chance of developing skin problems compared to those with normal or dry skin.

We may be completely hyped up jumping into spring, but our skin needs a lot more time and effort to switch from heavy butter and oil-based products to lighter moisturizers to adapt to the weather. As you switch your skincare routine, read our guide on how to curate a skincare routine to welcome spring with a healthy skin.

Transitional Skincare guide for Oily and Sensitive Skin

Cleanse your face using Omorfee’s Tea Tree Cleansing Milk. It is sulphate free and gentle cleanser with goodness of tea tree that controls sebum level on the skin.

As a next step, apply Omorfee’s Rose Floral Water to soothe and hydrate the skin. Made with Bulgarian roses, this rose water is devoid of alcohol or any artificial fragrance.

Moisturizing the skin is extremely essential to hydrate and nourish the skin. Omorfee’s Visage Oil Balancing Facial Moisturizer is a gentle yet deep penetrating moisturizer. It is extremely light on the skin, perfect for a transitioning skincare routine

Transitioning Skincare guide for Normal and Dry Skin

Cleanse your face using Omorfee’s Olive Cleansing Milk. It is devoid of any chemicals and is extremely gentle on the skin. Perfect for a dry skin, the olive oil in the cleanser allows the skin to regain its nutrients while not allowing the skin to dry off easily

It is recommended that people with dry skin use a hydrating toner. Omorfee’s Placid Water Face Toner is enriched withCucumber and Chamomile extracts that hydrate the skin deeply and give a glowing effect to the skin

Moisturizing dry skin may always be a challenge as it may seem that no amount of moisturization is enough. Omorfee’s Visage Hydrating Facial Moisturizer is the solution to dry skin problems. Gentle yet extremely hydrating, it penetrates deep in the skin and nourishes from deep within rendering skin soft and gentle.

At Omorfee, we understand each skin type is unique and every skin requires unwavering attention. Our commitment to bring in the best of nature in the most unique form has driven our vision to an organic and healthy future for skincare.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be substituted as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner.