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Get rid of puffy eyes and crow's feet

Why you have Puffy Eyes and Crow's Feet and how to fix them


Our window to the world. Our life depends immensely on what we see, hear, feel. The five senses make it easier to live our lives. And while all the senses are important, vision is probably one of the most important ones.

Be it at work where you may have to sort out those spreadsheets before the monthly meeting, or be it at play where you sit with your partner for a movie night, you constantly use your eyes all day long. While the eyes are meant to work overtime (much more than the body), everything you do not only affects your eyes but also the skin around it.

The skin around the eyes is more delicate and thin than the skin on the rest of the body. Yes, that's true! What this means is that this skin is also susceptible to change quicker than the rest of the body. 

This skin (around the eyes) shows the earliest signs of premature aging, changes drastically with your lifestyle choices and needs the maximum amount of care. While we take care of the skin on our face more than any other part of our body, we often forget to treat the area around the eyes. Most of us use the facial cream as a substitute for an eye cream. While this may work as long as you are stress free and have a healthy lifestyle, most people still end up seeing skin problems in this area even before they turn 30.

There are a few major skin issues people experience on the area around their eyes. These are Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles and Crow's Feet. All of these can be fixed with just one simple solution - Omorfee's Regenerative Eye Creme.

Most skin problems around the eye area are a result of one of the following reasons:


Causes Puffy Eyes & Crow's Feet.

As we age, the muscles all over our body start to loose elasticity, and the same happens to our face. This in turn results in loosening of the skin, causing wrinkles, Crow's Feet, fat build up (Puffy Eyes) etc.

stress / lack of sleep

Causes Puffy Eyes, Crow's Feet & Dark Circles.

While stress results in as many problems as humans are capable of having, it also adversely affects the skin around the eyes. Lack of sleep and stress both contribute to having premature signs of aging (resulting in Crow's Feet), fluid build up under the eyes (Puffy Eyes) and Dark Circles.


Causes Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles.

Sometimes, even with a healthy lifestyle, people may seem to have skin problems. This may be due to their heredity. If your family has a history of puffiness or dark circles then that might be the reason you have them too even when you take good care of yourself.


Cause Puffy Eyes.

Coming in close contact with an allergen can result in the eyes becoming watery and cause fluid build up or swelling near the eye area.

excessive sun exposure

Causes Crow's Feet & Dark Circles.

As good as sun bathing may be, over exposure to UV rays results in darkening of the skin around the eyes and premature aging of the skin.

How can omorfee's regenerative eye crÈme help?

  • The rich Caffeine of Coffee Oil in the eye creme deeply nutrifies the skin and helps in alleviating under-eye bags and dark circles.
  • Grape Seed Oil helps in reducing fine lines around the eyes.
  • Wheat Germ Oil reduces skin damage and evens out the skin tone around the eyes, reducing dark circles.
  • Olive Leaf Extracts have powerful antioxidants, which fight free radicals and help in the rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes.

Taking care of the skin around the eyes is as important as taking care of our face and it should not be avoided at any cost. The eyes start to show premature signs of aging before any other part of the face. Hence, it is important to pay attention to them and keep them safe and moisturized.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be substituted as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner.