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Essential oils areoils extracted directly from the plants in their purest form. Their puritymakes them strong and highly aromatic. Essential oils can be extracted in twodifferent ways- steam distilled or cold pressed.

The Steam distilledessential oils are created by releasing pressurized steam through the plantmaterial. The steam opens the aromatic pockets of the plant. It is ensured thatthe steam does not essentially destroy the plant. The essential oil along withthe steam evaporates and passes through a cooling system. This cools the steamto water and the essential oil cools on top as oil is lighter than water. Bothare then separated, and essential oil is collected in the purest form.

Cold pressed essentialoils are extracted various parts of the plant (root, seed, bark etc.)  and is most commonly used for citrusflavoured essential oil. Cold pressed extraction is a mechanical process andinvolves a spike- like filter that punctures the plant and extracts the oilslowly. A spinning process is used to separate the oil from the rest of thepulp and juices released. The essential oil is then collected in a separatejar.

Essential oilscollected by either means are quite effective and a high- quality oil iscollected in most cases. Essential oils cannot be consumed directly in theirraw form as the concentrated version can cause harm to the skin. They are mostcommonly used as diffuser oils or can be mixed in extremely small quantitieswith soaps, cremes and oils to imbibe maximum benefits out of them. Eachessential oil has its own unique properties and choosing the right one foryourself is important.

We have created top 5tips that can be remembered while purchasing essential oils.

1.    Steamdistilled or cold pressed-Essential oils that are cold pressed have a higher viscosity compared to steamdistilled ones. But the steam distilled ones have stronger fragrance. You canalways check the label for the type of extraction to decide which one you wouldprefer.

2.      Usage- Your purchase could also vary based on yourusage. If you are looking to purchase essential oils for your baths, you canchoose more floral fragrances like Lavender, Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang etc.If you are looking for a mood elevation aromatic diffuser oil experience, it isadvised to go for citrusy flavours.

3.    User-If you are buying essentialoils for the first time, make sure you ensure the environment and people aroundyou. Older people, pregnant women and kids are highly sensitive to essentialoils and may have some side effects. Make sure you buy mild flavours like Peppermint,Frankincense or Patchouli if you have sensitive people around you.

4.     Consultyour doctor- If you arelooking to apply essential oils on your skin, always try on a small patch bymixing it with coconut oil and apply it on your hands and legs. Avoid applyingon sensitive parts like face, private area or consult your physician beforeusing them.

5.    Storage- Essential oils are very theraupeutic in nature.Do try them if you are anxious or stressed. It helps calm you and yourenvironment. Do not over- use them as they may have side effects. Do notpurchase oils that have a closer expiry date or are over 3 years old. Storethem in safe and dry place out of children’s reach.