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Organic SkinCare Vs. Chemical based SkinCare !

Which is better and why?

Everything you need to know about Organic Skincare and How it is better

Skincare is ever evolving. 

We have seen it go from that one revolutionary product which claimed to change your face, to 38 step skincare routines that are supposed to give you an ever glowing face.

And the most recent revolution in skincare has been the introduction of natural and organic skincare products.

what are organic products?

The definition of organic (when it comes to the beauty industry) is not set in stone. This is why different people interpret the meaning differently.

Organic essentially means that the products have ingredients that are derived from nature (such as plant extracts, seed oils etc). These ingredients are processed without using any synthetic additives and no other form of lab based derivatives are added to them.

These products should be free from Parabens, Paraffins, Synthetic Colors, Synthetic Preservatives, Artificial Fragrances etc. 

Only when the final product is free of all these synthetic components, can it be called 100% Organic.

Why should i chose organic skincare products over synthetic?

No Long Term Effects

The main difference between organic and chemical based products is the long term effect they have on your skin. Skincare products made using chemicals may show instant or quick results which often tend to make people happy but they have adverse long term effects. In the long run, the same chemical based product that is supposed to be hydrating your skin or protecting it can cause damage to it.

Chemicals absorbed through the skin often deposit in the body over time. These deposits can cause many kinds of health problems to the body, resulting in something as minor as a rash, all the way to something as disrupting the endocrine system function.

Low Allergy Risk

One of the biggest differences between organic and synthetic skincare is the risk of allergy. Organic products have a significantly lower risk of causing allergies to the human body as compared to synthetic based cosmetic products. It is also easy to identify the ingredients of an organically produced item and determine if it contains anything that you might be allergic to. On the other hand, lab based formulated skincare has chemicals we are not familiar with or may be unable to identify. Hence, we don't know what they are and how they will react to our skin.

Cruelty Free Skin Care

Organic products are almost always cruelty free. We love animals and lab tests are one of the most devastating things we do to them. Since chemical based skincare has to be deemed safe for use, it is often tested on animals. On the other hand, organically produced skincare items have all ingredients derived from nature. Hence, these are not tested on animals.

No Side Effects

Organic products almost never have any side effects on the body. As all the ingredients are naturally occurring, if they don't do you any good, they surely won't do you any bad. On the other hand, using chemical based skincare products may have side effects on the body after usage as many people have reported over time.

Overall, not all synthetic based skincare products are bad. But choosing Organic Skincare will ensure that your skin gets the best without any compromises.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be substituted as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner.