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Perfecting Facial Crème: Get Pollution and Blue-Ray Proof Skin

Perfecting Facial Crème: Get Pollution and Blue-Ray Proof Skin


We are all aware of the harmful effects sunlight has on our skin and, thus know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect the skin against harmful UV rays. But we often fail to acknowledge more pervasive skin aggressors: Pollution and Blue Rays. Yes, pollutants and blue light can cause various skin issues like premature aging and skin damage. 

We are all careful while spending time in direct sunlight or even outside in pollution. But we are constantly exposing ourselves to these factors when we are inside. Pollution is a combination of the natural environment which is present both inside and outside, and we are spending most of our time staring the screens of our phone or computers.

Although not much of the initial concerns surrounding these two not focused on skin, we are beginning to understand its effects on the skin. 

Most facial cremes, unfortunately, do not help protect the skin against blue rays and pollution. But now you do have a solution for these!

Omorfee’s Perfecting Facial Crème protects the skin from harmful pollutants. It repairs damage caused by the blue rays emitted from the sun and various gadgets. 

Perfecting Facial Crème

A protective & nourishing face crème, formulated with exotic patented ingredients to protect your skin from pollution, blue rays, and other external stress factors.

Exotic Features

  • A natural barrier against environmental pollution and blue rays (from natural light and electronic gadgets)
  • Patented Echium Seed Oil helps in repairing skin barrier damage and shields skin from pollution
  • Certified organic and patented Oryza Sativa Extract protects skin cells from the perils of blue rays
  • Its rich antioxidants provide immense rejuvenation of skin owing to organic Olive Leaf Extracts, Rose Extracts and Strawberry Extracts.

Ostentatious yet Effective!

Perfecting Facial Creme constitutes only natural and certified organic ingredients. It is one such product that prevents pollutant-induced reactions in skin tissues, thanks to the patented oil of Echium Seeds. Because of pure natural butter, organic oils, and organic emollients, the creme hydrates and nourishes your skin deeply. From acne, skin sensitivity to premature ageing, the adverse effects of pollution on the skin is countless. It is of the highest importance to defend our facial skin and pamper it with the care it truly deserves. Green Tea Extract and Turmeric Oil prevent skin infection while Olive Leaf Extract, Rose Extracts, and Strawberry Extracts detoxify and rejuvenate your skin. Smile and look forward to a rejuvenated skin that stays firmly protected all day long!

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