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A guide to tackle fall skin problems organically

The holiday season is finally here, and we are excited. It’s the time of the year where we all look forward to pumpkin spice lattes and fall foliage. We love the changing weather, but our skin, not so much. With fall comes Dry Skin, Chapped Lips, Damage from the Summer and Dandruff.

Let us guide you through how to tackle the fall skin problems organically.


Dry Skin is a condition where your skin may feel tight (especially after contact with water), feel and look rough, crack, scale, peel, or itch. It can be caused due to many reasons such as the weather, heat, hot baths, harsh soaps, dehydration etc. Some people tend to naturally have dry skin as well which can be aggravated due to one of the above reasons.

So how do we fix it?

The oldest method in the book is to hydrate the skin both internally and externally.

Drink ample amounts of fluid and add Vitamin C to your daily routine. Vitamin C is known to hydrate the skin and make it softer and glowing. It also helps retain skin elasticity.

~ When taking a bath or shower, limit the time of contact with water to below 10 minutes whenever you can. Avoid using hot water and use warm water instead. Use a mild Body Wash with added moisturizing agents to ensure it does not pull-out moisture from your skin.

~ Cover your skin as much as possible in the cold weather to shield it from loosing moisture.

~ When immersing your hands in harsh cleansers use gloves to protect the skin from chemical damage.

~ Use a Face Toner and a Moisturizer in combination for your face. While the toner provides the skin with the required hydration, the moisturizer locks in that hydration.

~ Finally, use a Body Butter instead of a body moisturizer in the cold weather. A body butter has a thicker consistency which makes it a better alternative and provides better moisture locking.


Clicking that perfect picture with the fall trees can be hard when your lips are all flaky and dry. The skin on the lips is thinner than the rest of your body and thus get more effected by the smallest changes. When the weather changes, the skin on the lips may peel, causing cracks and sores which are painful. The lips may also turn dark due to sun exposure.

One of the best ways to protect your lips from damage is to shield them using a suitable Lip BalmWhenever your lips peel or become flaky, do not put the loose skin out with your hands or teeth. Use a Lip Scrub to exfoliate the dead and loose skin and follow up with a Lip balm to hydrate them.


All that tan looks amazing, but it can have adverse effects on your skin. When the skin is exposed to UV rays, it increases the production of melanin causing it to look darker. But the UV rays does worse than good. It can cause the skin to burn, making it all red rather than tan. Moreover, it can cause the skin to dry out and accelerate the skin-aging process.

To tackle the side-effects of tanning, put on a Sunscreen before going out in the sun. A sunscreen is essential whenever going out of the house, even when you are not planning to sunbathe. It helps by blocking out the UV rays and hence protects the skin from damage. It can also help protect against Increased risk of skin cancer.

Make sure to keep the skin moisturized by using a Moisturizer that is tailored for your skin. There are different moisturizers for both Dry and Oily skin. Anyone with normal skin should use the moisturizers that are for dry skin. For people with combination skin, the moisturizers with an oil balancing property would work best.


Dandruff is a condition where the skin on the scalp starts to flake. This can be either due to dryness or due to an infection. Dandruff can result in bad scalp health and effect hair growth and quality. Thus, it is important to treat it as soon as possible.

The most effective way to treat dandruff is to use a gentle hair shampoo in combination with scalp treatment therapies that can enhance healthy cell production and reduce skin cell buildup.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only. It should not be substituted as professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner.