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Looking young at any age is a dream come true. Having awrinkle-free skin even at the age of 40 is what everyone aspires. The beautyindustry has been working hard to create products that will helps skin defytime and age relentlessly. However, apart from chemical and painful solutions,the secret to defying age has always been found within the realms of nature. Thereare many plants, herbs and by products of plants that have been known to helpslow the process of aging. Amazingly, these are some unique ingredients thatare available in the nature.

At Omorfee, we explore these ingredients and research onfinding the best organic and natural solution to anti-aging. Anti-agingproperties often include slowing down the aging process of the skin which is oftencaused due to pollution, stress and usage of chemicals on the skin. Ingredientsfound in the nature help the skin regain its natural aging cycle and restores ayounger-looking and radiant skin.

One of the key ingredients found in nature that promotesanti-aging is Seaweed. Found in the depths of the ocean, this miraculous plantis known to promote skin cells growth, reduce fine lines, moisturize andtighten the skin from within. It is no mystery; South Asian communities are knownfor their radiant and tight skin. Their skin treatments are often looked uponas solutions to anti-aging. One of the main ingredients in their daily foodconsumption is seaweed. Whether it is sushi, ramen, bao or any other dish,seaweed is often used to enhance flavours and taste.

Some amazing benefits of seaweed are:

Hydration: Coming from the oceans and seas, seaweeds bringin deep hydration properties for the skin. It has every mineral present in theoceans and seas in small quantities. Its hydrating properties make it a hitwith face masks and hair masks.

Acne control: Seaweed has anti-inflammatory properties in itand helps reduce redness and inflammation in the skin.

Exfoliating and Detoxifying: Growing underwater, seaweeddevelops strength to fight water pollutants. Its properties of exfoliation anddetoxification is hence amplified. It helps protect the skin from harmful UVrays too.

Cellulite reduction: Every individual develops cellulite intheir skin which makes it an unsightly experience. Seaweed helps improve bloodcirculation in the skin which helps reduce cellulite formation.

Anti-aging: Enriched with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C, D,E, F, and K; seaweed exhibits antioxidant properties. It helps the skin fightfree radicals that lead to early aging and wrinkles.

Every anti-aging product at Omorfee has seaweed extracts init. Found in various forms like golden seaweed, sugar seaweed, red seaweed, greenseaweed and others; they are used in our anti-aging range to develop uniqueproducts that not only help skin revive its younger self, but also stayhydrated and healthy. Our REVIVIFY range combines the goodness of seaweed withexotic ingredients to provide the best anti-aging solutions.


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