Blooming Skin & Healthy Body, your Baby deserves the Best!

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Worried your Baby's skin is getting unnecessary exposure to the harmful chemicals present in the commercial Baby Care Products nowadays? A healthy baby also means using a healthy baby hair and body wash. A correct wash will leave your baby's skin all blooming, fresh, juicy & plump!

So, here are the benefits of Coconut Oil is used as a natural ingredient in the Baby Care Products. Coconut Oil has been in use since very long for its immense skin benefits. When applied on skin and hair, it can work for a longer time as compared to many other oils. It is also a great skin and hair softner, especially for dry and hard skin conditions.

Its natural soothing nature leaves the skin with a soft texture. The Coconut Oil derived Cleansing agent if used in the baby's wash, can offer all the smoothness and softness desired by you for your baby's skin. When applied to your baby's skin, it can create a protective shield that will last a long time. Also, since it is an organic ingredient, there will be no skin problems for your baby, leaving his/her skin all soft & smooth!

Strawberry Extract is actually packed with skin benefits. It's rich in anti-oxidants and is very useful to protect skin from the harmful UV rays and also fights the harmful free-radicals. If used in a wash, it is extremely gentle. Since this too is an organic ingredient, it looks right to be used in your baby's skin care products.

Aloe Vera is virtually the most commonly used natural ingredient in skin care products. It is simply the best herb available to mankind! so, obviously, it finds the crowning place in your baby's skincare routine.
With excellent smoothening & restorative properties, Aloe Vera works wonders for your baby's skin!
So Soft and So Smooth!

Well, here is the Bloom Baby Hair & Body Wash by Omorfee has all the benefits natural & organic ingredients without any trace of chemicals to cleanse &  smooth the delicate skin of your little angel!