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CHOCOLATE! Boon to your taste buds and your SKIN!


Cocoa beans are known to be richly packed with anti-oxidants. Antioxidants scavenge the free radicals and prevent aging. 1 oz of pure dark chocolate provides more healthy antioxidants than red wine! No wonder our senses get aroused even at the thought of the delicious bar! Dark Chocolates Are Something That Has Been Loved for Long and By All. Apart from being savored, it […]

Reduce Those Open Pores On Your Face, Naturally.


Excess sebum production, acne, and pimples cause the facial skin to open up their pores and become enlarged. It gives the face an undesirable, rough and uneven look! Cosmetology treatments are hectic, sometimes painful and of course burn a hole in your pocket. Even the results are not satisfactory. So here comes a natural, effective, safe and really cost-effective way to treat your open pores. Excess […]