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The Lesser Known Facts About Chocolate!

We know that you have been a great fan of chocolate since time immemorial! But we are here to tell you that apart from being your guilty pleasure, the delicious treat is also a treat for your skin. Here are the benefits of Chocolate for your skin. So the next time someone tells you not […]

How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips?


The choice of following a specific lifestyle may result in the development of dark lips for some people. Along with looking unpleasing, it also results in some irreversible effects on the lips, in the long run. Lip darkening can be the result of hyperpigmentation, a typically harmless condition caused by an excess of melanin. The […]

Activated Charcoal: Your Skin’s New BFF

Activated Charcoal is one of the best natural ingredients to deeply cleanse those pores. But you’ll be entirely wrong to think that that’s the only benefit this ingredient has for you in-store. Charcoal is a great detoxifier and acts as a magnet, drawing the dirt and grime. But you might be wondering why are we […]

Want That Glowing Skin? Various Ways Rose Water Can Help

Rose Water has always been an important ingredient for beauty and skincare. It has been around for a while now in the beauty wardrobes and the new generation may not be aware of what wonders this can do to our skin, our grandmothers have used it for quite a long time now. This ingredient is […]

Skincare Routine for Oily Skin: A Daily CTM Routine

Excessive sebum and oil are some of the most common causes of acne and breakouts. it not only is the reason for one of the most common concerns, that is pimples but also presents many unique challenges like shiny complexion. But we have good news! It may seem intimidating and impossible but oiliness can be […]

Dry Hands? Here’s how you can retain it’s natural moisture.

Washing hands and sanitizing thy hands with alcohol-based sanitizers or chemical soaps and washes is definitely the best thing to do when it comes to preventing virus infections. And although it is essential, we can not ignore the fact that it can leave the hands dry and feeling a bit irritated. It can strip natural […]

Skincare For Men’s Tough Skin: Understanding Men’s Skin

Gentlemen, ask yourself a question today, on how often do you scrub your face or use a face scrub? And how often do you just wash your face with the same soap that you use for bathing and call it a day? This careless approach can do more harm than good to your rugged and […]

A Special Care of Coffee For Your Eyes!

Drinking coffee has its benefits which we are all aware of. A normal cup of Coffee is known to give us a daily dose of energy. However, that’s only one of many benefits of Coffee. Coffee has a lot more to offer. Collected from Coffee Beans, Coffee Oil has immense beneficial properties on your skin. […]

After Party Skincare Routine

Your big date on Valentine’s Day calls for you to look perfectly groomed and thus, many of you must have applied a lot of makeup to look like the one for your better half. But with chemical-laden makeup and post-party dehydration, your skin probably isn’t feeling and looking it’s best. Thus, it requires extra care […]

6 Step Face Cleanup at Home with Omorfee

We all wish for beautiful and healthy skin but most of us with our busy schedules often don’t get time to visit salons daily. And some of us are just lazy to sit in front of a beautician for hours. We often do not realize the importance of a regular face clean up for that […]


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