For Soft, Gentle Baby Skin; this Baby Butter really works!

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A Baby is a divine creation. One feels blessed with this natural phenomenon. And you do simply want the best for this gift. You definitely don't feel like taking a chance with your baby's skin. So, it becomes inevitable that a look is given to all the baby products available as an option. But you know what, a complete baby care product feels uneasy if it doesn't contain natural ingredients. Something prepared from organic ingredients that will actually be very beneficial for the baby's skin.

Kokum Butter, as the name suggests, is obtained from the Kokum fruit of the Konkan Region and is one of the best available natural butter options. Since it is non-greasy, it can be applied on the baby's skin, leaving it naturally moisturized. Also, it is very smooth and simply melts in hands. It is known to be good for inflamed skin. This may happen where a baby's involved. It deeply penetrates skin layer and nourishes skin.

Milk Extract, everybody knows, has extra ordinary skin benefits. Actually, Milk Baths have been traditionally used to nourish skin and especially for babies. This organic ingredient really hydrates and soothes irritated skin, leaving the baby skin soft and gentle. This is a natural ingredient and  a must in your baby's skin care products.

Orchids, with its delicate & exotic grace, can be a real blessing if used in your baby's skin care. It has essential minirals that is good for skin health like Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.. Also, provide minerals that benefit skin.

Add a dash of Olive Oil and your baby's skin will glow like anything! And the nourishment it provides is amazing!

The simple procedure for looking for organic skin care products for your baby is because you are aware that harmful chemicals are present in many products which can be very damaging for the skin of your baby. You want to ensure that your baby's skin texture retains it's smoothness and suppleness and also is adequately nourished.

Try Omorfee's 'Milk Kissed Baby Butter', which is chemical free and is made out of ingredients which are certified organic by EcoCert and also has beneficial ingredients like Milk Extracts, Kokum Butter, cold pressed oils and Orchid Oil.