GO ORGANIC!! Ideal Hair Wash for Dry Hair.

Sitting on the balcony and noticing the raindrops on the tree leaves next to it, a thought comes, how lovely it looks. An amazing Gift of Nature to us. But it is sad how most of us take these gifts for granted now. We are beautifully endowed with Natural Gifts yet we seem to notice so little. At least there’s enough consciousness now to shift towards the use of Natural Products both for Consumption and Topical Use. At least now we have the choice – to go ORGANIC Hair Wash!

Noticing that Monsoons being terrible for Hair Issues and more or less, These Problems go unanswered. There is Breakage, Oiliness, even Dryness. Though Oily Scalp and Hair Problems are quite noticed, people with Dry Hair gets no respite. The entire issue of Cleansing, Moisturizing, Conditioning etc. go totally ignored.

‘Intense Moisture Hair Wash’ is a promising Organic Product that seeks to address the Problems of Dry hair. It offers the benefits of Organic Ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract, Macadamia Oil, Shea Oil, Wheat Germ Oil etc.


Aloe Vera, very important in regular use, can actually help in preventing Hair Fall. It naturally acts as a great Conditioner, also Promoting Growth of Hair. Packed with natural Nutrients, this Organic Ingredient gives more elasticity to Hair thereby preventing Breakage.

Shea Oil, extracted from Organic Shea Butter, leaves a Smooth and Healthy Texture to your Hair, making it feel more beautiful than ever. It adds so much bounce! With its unparalleled Moisturizing Quality, Shea Oil can be of great use to handle Drying Hair.

Macadamia Oil is nowadays seen as an essential Organic Ingredient for Health and Hair Care. Since it is devoid of any Side-effects, it can be used extensively. The use of this Organic Ingredient gives additional Vitamins Value to other Hair Nutrients.

Wheat Germ Oil is also very useful in supporting Good Hair Quality as it is rich in Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids.

Brand OMORFEE has its own Exclusive Product Line. Intense Moisture Hair Wash gives an additional Organic Care and Nourishment to the Dry Hair providing Cleansing with gentle moisturizing.


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