An Organic Green Apple Face Wash - Deep Cleanses; Effective Oily Skin.

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A Monsoon Relief Sulphate-free Face Wash that Deep Cleanses Pores, Detoxifies, maintains Skin Collagen while being refreshing and effective.

Monsoons, apart from a feel good environs, can absolutely wreck havoc with our skin. Though the greenery is appealing, the same Humidity can lead to excess oil-secretions.
OMORFEE's Green Apple Face Wash is a result of an extensive R&D that seeks to address issues of SEBUM. Green Apple Extract  is aimed to rejuvenate dull, lifeless Skin.

Our Signature use of Organic Volcanic Ash ingredient, offers intense Detoxification while fighting Blemishes. Basil Oil is an important Cell Boosting ingredient capable of Soothing and Relaxing our beleaguered skin.

This is a absolute Sulphate-Free Face Wash, gentle on the skin and the same time controlling frequent excess Oil Secreted Problems. This Season results in many Skin Problems like Acne and Breakouts. Our Organic Green Apple Face Wash is helpful in fighting Acne and provides Relief to Skin-related problems. Packed with Green Apple Proteins, this Face Wash Deep Cleanses, proving ideal for Oily Skin.

A brief Overview of our Organic Green Apple Face Wash:-


1. Good at excess oil-control for face (oily skin)

2. Rich in various Vitamins and Antioxidants, which are extremely good for Skin Care

3. Distinct benefits of Organic Volcanic ash ingredient

4. Helpful in Repair of Dull, Damaged Skin

5. Laden with the benefits of Green Apples

6. This has great Detoxification Benefits

7. Offers Rejuvenation to your Skin

8. An Organic Product with use of 100% certified Organic Ingredients

Main Ingredients : Green Apple Extract, Volcanic Ash, Basil Oil

Our in-house R&D has technologically approved use of Organic Volcanic Ash with distinct Detoxification properties. Since this Organic ingredient has very good Detoxification properties, it is especially good for Oily Skin. A Vitamin C rich Basil oil is viewed as healthy Skin Collagen that in itself is good for maintaining Skin Elasticity. 

This ingredient is very helpful in addressing Acne-related problems with its immense Natural properties. It is a Refreshing, Soothing Face Wash ideal for use of Oily Skin, helping to prevent issues of excess oil-secretions and at the same time offering your Skin Relief from Dirt and Grime with its Relaxing properties.

A French technologically researched product, OMORFEE's Green Apple Face Wash seeks to address your Skin Concerns by taking you ' BACK TO NATURE'.

This is a Mild Face Wash that offers to address your Skin conditions Organically!!

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