Hotel Essentials

Our range of natural and organic face Cleansers, Body Cleansers, Hair Cleansers, and Moisturizers finds a place in several high-end hotels across India. OMORFEE’s range of Facial treatment packs, Massage crèmes, Exotic oils, Essential oils, Aroma Therapy Products and other Holistic rejuvenation products, holds a unique place in various spas and wellness centers. And we aim to deliver a noteworthy experience to all our clientele.
To cater to your exclusive requirements, we can customize our range for you.


Instead of outward beautification, we focus on the core health of the skin. We work with nature, and not against it. We use sustainable sources and ethical harvesting practices for our ingredients. Everything we use is derived from nature, including Essential Oils, Fruit Extracts, Floral Waters, Cold Pressed, Carrier Oils, Butter, Plant Extracts and other Nourishing Ingredients found in Nature.
The essential motive is to heal, care and make rejuvenate with the best of nature and keep your skin heathier.

Spa & Wellness

Give yourself the ultimate spa experience at home with our exotic products inspired by the healing care of nature. Our aim is to provide the best all natural, organic skin care products that will nourish and resuscitate your skin and hair.


OMORFEE works on 4 levels – Body, Breath, Mind, and Spirit – it is only when all these are in perfect harmony that you radiate not only outer but also inner beauty. Building on the cultural foundations of the past and utilizing the evolving research and technology of the present, OMORFEE creates contemporary and relevant Skin and Hair Care. The Aroma of the Pure Essential Oil of the best-chosen Herb and Flowers and other blends works at a deeper level to relax your Mind and Soul. And a relaxed mind is manifested through a happy and more beautiful outward appearance.