Ideal Toner for dealing with Skin breakouts.

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A definite problem for skin is breakouts during monsoons. Skin rashes, acne, just name it. A good suitable Toner, according to your skin type, is helpful. If a toner is generally included in a daily beauty regime, the skin does feel appropriately looked after. Actually, a usual skin care routine should include cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But most people miss out the toning part.

A good toner balances the skin, giving ample hydration. The use of Tea Tree Oil as an ingredient is pretty well-known. With strong anti-bacterial properties, it is very useful in preventing acne and other skin breakouts. If used in a toner, it can give a beautiful, healthy and clear skin.

Apple Cider acts as a natural toner and also effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Again it maintains the natural PH balance of skin.

Green Tea Extract naturally rich in anti-oxidants, possesses cell-protecting function as well. It exerts a very positive influence on the tone and health of the skin. The use of this ingredient in a toner also appears to exert a sun-protective effect on the skin.

Overall, this toner does have ingredients for soothing skin irritants especially for Oily Skin. A regular use of this toner leaves the skin healthy and surprisingly vibrant!

Try it- Tangy Fresh Skin Toner!

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