Looking for a fresh Men's Body Wash! Stimulating experience.

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Men have quite a different skin texture compared to that of women. The skin is sturdier and lacks enough moisture. Most, if not all, men don’t pay much heed to the condition of their skin. They just believe in the principle ‘wash n go’. All they need is a good body wash and they are sorted.

Most available body washes in the market are heavily loaded with chemicals, produce abundant foam and gives a sense of thorough cleansing. With an even stronger fragrance, it gives a rather fulfilling bathing experience.
But most of these body washes for men are heavily loaded with sulphates and alcohol based perfumes, which have dire results on skin.

Body Washes with Sulphate free Coconut Oil derived cleansing ingredients, make a great choice when it comes to taking right care of skin. Apart from gently cleansing dirt and grime off skin, naturally derived surfactants maintain the moisture balance in skin.

Certain essential oils like organic lime essential oil, frankincense oil, myrrh oil etc. benefits skin immensely. Frankincense and Myrrh enhances skin repairing process and also rejuvenates skin tissues.
The scintillating Lime essential Oil unclogs pores and deep cleanses skin. It also provides skin with the right nutrients to keep skin healthy. And of course, their wonderful aroma is so refreshing!

OMORFEE ‘The Gentleman’s Body Wash’ is one such natural body wash, which shows the presence of sulphate free cleansing ingredients, EcoCert certified organic ingredients and pure essential oils of Myrrh, Frankincense and Lime. With all these powerful and skin friendly ingredients together, this natural and organic body wash for men should become an essential in every man’s grooming regimen.

And it smells amazing too!!

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