A real discovery for oily skin! New tea-tree cleansing milk there now.

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Hectic work schedule, travelling, work stress and the lack of time, these factors come together and show their impact a worst possible way on skin. There can be frequent pimples, blemishes and breakouts. Not to mention the oiliness on skin. But in spite of all these inevitable reasons, who doesn't want a blemish free skin with a clean, healthy face? So, the first step towards healthy skin is right Cleansing of the skin!

Tea Tree, as an organic ingredient, available in a lot of products, is always there when in need to take care of an oily skin type. Tea tree essential oil controls breakouts and even provides relief to the skin damaged from sunburns. Owing to its antimicrobial properties and quick penetration, it unclogs pores and act against bacteria that cause acne. And a Cleansing Milk containing this ‘wonder oil’ would be a real savior for oily/ acne prone skin.

Sour Honey, the one coming from northeast India, is known to have good toning and healing benefits. It has immense skin repairing properties and its antimicrobial characteristics help preventing skin break outs.
It can be used in the right proportions in Cleansing Milk specially formulated for Oily skin.

Grape seed oil is simply a great organic ingredient because it doesn't clog the skin pores while being good at cleansing. Also helps to tighten the skin. And it aids in easy and smooth cleansing.

Jojoba Oil as we have discovered is effective in reducing oiliness. Also, since it has anti-inflammatory property, it also soothes the irritated skin. And it helps maintains the right moisture balance in skin, even after cleansing.

These mentioned ingredients in combination with Coconut Oil derived cleansing agents, make an excellent product for the effective cleansing of oily skin.

An all natural Cleansing Milk, with EcoCert Certified ingredients, Tea Tree Essential oil, Grapeseed Oil and Sour Honey, has been discovered. OMORFEE ‘Tea Tree Cleansing Milk’ contains these effective and certified organic ingredients. This product shows wonderful cleansing and is perfect for those with oily skin!