Omorfee and ‘Organic care’

Omorfee emphasizes on the healing power of Mother Nature. It stresses on well-being by its close proximity to nature.  It manifests the instrumental role of the nature in healing and beautifying.

Omorfee is treading the path of ‘Organic care’ using certified organic ingredients for proffering world class natural beauty products. Due to people’s rising awareness against chemicals, the market these days is flooded with beauty products which are labelled as ‘natural’, ‘botanical’ and ‘herbal’. But the question remains that, how far are these products natural and authentic in their making. While some brands do have a fair share of the natural ingredients in them, but still they do contain some chemicals in order to bring down the costing and the product becomes of an inferior quality.

  At Omorfee, we don’t compromise on our products. We have made use of precious and rare herbal extracts along with an amalgamation of certified organic ingredients, without any adulteration or incorporation of any chemical. Pure organic ingredients and formulations have been used in our products. No parabens, paraffins, glycols, alcohols, silicones, PEG, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrance or mineral oils have been used in any recipe. Our products are stringently packaged in pure bamboo jars and eco- friendly recyclable plastics.