OMORFEE Perfecting Facial Crème for glowing skin.

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Healthy glowing skin is desirous to all. Apart from  healthy lifestyle and proper diet, it is mandatory to protect skin from deleterious factors like pollution and dust.Pollutants tend to get deep into skin pores and make skin  lifeless and dull. It also causes skin problems like acne, skin sensitivity and  premature ageing. It becomes imperative to protect skin from pollution for a glowing skin.

Patented oil of Echnidium seeds prevent the smallest of pollutant, dust and soot particles from entering into skin tissues. It forms a strong barrier for skin against  polluting agents .Green Tea Oil and Turmeric Oil curb skin infections like acne, pimples. Strong antioxidants in Strawberry Extract , Olive Leaf Extracts and Rose Extracts detoxify skin and protect skin from harmful free radicals. These help rejuvenate skin cells that impart health and glow to skin.

Natural butters of Mango & Kokum, oils of Almond, Jojoba and Wheatgerm  and organic emollients hydrate and nourish skin. Skin becomes moisturized, soft , smooth and glowing. Skin dullness, pre mature fine lines and wrinkles are precluded from showing on skin.

Enriched with these exotic  ingredients, Omorfee’s Perfecting Facial Crème is the natural remedy against pollution, to attain healthy and glowing skin.