Carrot Seed Essential Oil


Nature’s solution for your healthcare needs

Pure steam distilled oil extracted from the dried seeds of Daucus Carota. Vitamin A enrichment helps in repairing the damaged tissues.


  • The antioxidants help in protecting your skin from wrinkles and blemishes
  • It is enriched with the ability to detoxify the skin and impart radiance to it
  • The carotene in the oil assist in the absolute cleansing of the body
  • Its high Vitamin E and Vitamin C content helps in regeneration of healthier skin
  • The stimulant present in the oil helps in uplifting the spirits and enhancing the mood
  • The mineral nutrient helps in increasing the efficacy of the skin tissues and toning them up

Weight/Volume: 20 ml / 0.68 Fl. oz

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