Pure Rose Water
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Pure Rose Water

Reduces Pore Size with regular use!

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Spray directly onto the face. Can be used with a cotton wool to wipe off dirt and impurities.

Rose resembles Freshness. It is synonymous to Beauty and Purity. Rose has natural astringent and antiseptic properties. It curbs the skin inflammation naturally and soothes the skin. Along with its Healing and Bactericidal activites, Rose purifies the skin from within and makes it toned up. Hydrating property of rose, hydrates the drying skin and makes it firmer. The anti-ageing action reduces pigmentation, redness and puffiness. Rose maintains the oil-water balance of the skin and thus, its suitable for all kind of skin types and helps to restore the natural skin texture by improving the tanned and irritated skin. Scalp inflammation is also known to ebb away with the use of Rose and it also nourishes the hair and scalp to make your hair grow stronger by moisturizing the roots. Rose is known for a complete well being of the skin for its qualities to treat breakouts, cleanse blocked pores, blackheads and smoothens the skin by making pimples, wrinkles and fine lines disappear. It makes the skin fresh, youthful, healthy and imparts a glow from within. Rose petal additionally also subsides Headaches and eye pains 


Pure Rose Water 

Rose Water is a very common product found in almost every household in India. Being made from the Roses of Kannauj, it is considered special as these roses bring the goodness of Bulgarian Roses. Steam distillation is the process used to formulate Rose water affirms its unparalleled hygiene and supreme purity. Having known for its smoothening effect, Rose Water has natural occurring astringent properties which restores the pH balance of the Skin and is effective in tightening pores. Besides this, the Rose Water serves as great non-alcoholic toner acne affected oily skin. Due to these properties, Rose Water is just the thing your skin requires for ultra-cleansing before any skin treatments. Rose Water is a ready to go cleanser for refreshing your skin at any hour of the day. The add-on benefit of Rose Water leaves your skin hydrated and re-energized to make you look recharged again.

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