Purifying Skin Pack (Oily/Acne prone skin)
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Purifying Skin Pack (Oily/Acne prone skin)

Organic Mineral rich clays with the power of herbal extracts, to balance and detoxify oily skin!

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To about 1 teaspoon of Skin Purifying Powder, add required amount of Skin Purifying Water, to make a semi thick paste. After cleaning up, steaming and scrubbing the face, apply a thin layer of the paste on to face. Allow it to remain on face until it starts to dry. Remove the mask from face using a slightly damp wash cloth. Follow with Tangy Fresh  Skin Toner and Omorfee ‘Visage Facial Moisturizer’(for oily skin).




Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Green clay

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Green Clay.

Clear, oil free and glowing complexion is desired by all. However, excess sebum, acne and zits tend to mar the appearance of skin. Resorting to harsh oil controlling creams/ lotions or using anti acne creams brings about some temporary relief with deleterious effect on skin in the long run. Not just skin becomes too dry but it also becomes irritated, and in some cases severe rash.

Natural clays, floral water and herbal extracts not just control excess sebum but also cool and soothe skin. High mineral contents of Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and Green Clay, absorb excess sebum, unclog pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and enhance the clarity of skin. Naturally rich in essential minerals and trace elements, these exotic clays fortify skin with nutrients, make skin smoother and help skin in regulating oil secretion. . It draws out excess oil, dirt, unclogs pores and improves skin clarity. Green Clay is highly absorbent and its healing and exfoliating properties make it excellent for improving skin texture and controlling excessive sebum. Being tough on acne and soft on skin, makes it just ideal for oily/ acne prone skin.

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