Skin Brightening And Clarifying Therapy
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Skin Brightening And Clarifying Therapy

Get a perfect healthy skin with the Exotic Blend of Myrrh, Frankincense, Tea Tree & Carrot Seed.

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As a rule of thumb, essential oils should always be diluted in a carrier substance (Carrier Oil / Hair Oil / Massage Oil / Lotion / Crème / Scrub / Body Butter etc.) at no greater concentration than 2-3%.
That means if you have one teaspoon (5cc) of carrier, you would add 3 drops of pure essential oil. This would make a 3% solution that could be used on a portion of the body.
Never use any Essential oil directly on to your skin as they are very potent and likely to cause severe irritation and burns on the skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil: It works as a powerful astringent and helps tighten skin and slow down skin ageing.

Myrrh Essential Oil: Being rich in Eugenol and Terpenoids, Myrrh oil is a potential skin healer and negates the damages of toxins.

Tea Tree oil: Its high antiseptic and antioxidant properties help combat skin infections

Carrot Seed Oil: Its loaded with Vitamin A, Carotene and antioxidants that help alleviate blemishes and it detoxifies and rejuvenates skin owing to its powerful anti ageing properties.

Sweet Orange Oil: It is laden with Vitamin C and antioxidants that help boost Collagen protein formation and skin regeneration.

Lavender Essential Oil: It improves blood circulation, its anti inflammatory properties keep skin problem at bay and it detoxifies skin

Turmeric Oil: It is rich in Curcumin which cures infections, detoxifies and clarifies skin and brings a natural glow to skin.

Lemon Oil: It clears away skin impurities and balances natural oil production in skin

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Attain bright, glowing and problem free skin with pure essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plants with enhanced therapeutic properties. Pure, steam distilled essential oils can have stupendous beautifying impact on skin, from reducing acne to manifesting anti-ageing properties. A right blend of essential oils can help curb most skin problem and promote skin health.

Pure essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and Carrot Seed Oil rejuvenate skin by reducing blemishes and spots, lessening fine lines and sagging skin. They help in faster skin healing and healthy skin regeneration. Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Oil are amazing astringents that balance sebum secretion in skin and provide relief from acne, pimples and tighten skin pores. The immense high level of Vitamin C in Sweet Orange Oil promotes skin cell regeneration and detoxification. Antioxidant properties of Turmeric Oil have been known since ages and their benefits are numerous, right from anti septic, anti inflammatory to skin brightening. Lavender Essential Oil restores skin health and provides soothing and hydrating effect on skin.

This purely natural product helps clarify, rejuvenate and brighten your facial skin.

It is made of purely natural and certified organic ingredients (USDA, BDIH, EcoCert)

It is devoid of Paraben, Paraffins, Silicones, Alcohols, Glycols, Synthetic Colors and Fragrance.

Cruelty Free: Not tested on animals


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