How To Protect Your Skin From Pollutants This Diwali And Suit Up For Festive With Instant Glow

Here comes that part of the year when festivities, merrymaking and fun-filled days are at its peak. ‘Diwali’, known as ‘the festival of lights’, brings with joy, blessings and immense enjoyment. Everyone wants to celebrate this day with utmost grandeur, happiness, and devotion. Each one wants to look their best, so they put in their best efforts to wear the best clothes and carry the best styling! So here is the solution for skin protection during Diwali.

Bring a natural illuminated look on your face with the best of organic ingredients like Jojoba, Lavender and the exotic Shea Oil; extracted from best sourced organic Shea butter. Coming together in Omorfee Intra Glow Facial Oil, they work in symphony to bring that amazing dewy glow to your face, while intensively nourishing your skin. Use it alone or with your makeup, it renders an unbeatable glow to the skin and simultaneously works to amp up the health of your skin.

Along with all the fun, it is important to protect your skin from the harmful pollution, which may ebb away the glow from your face. Omorfee ‘Perfecting Facial Crème’ comes with patented Echium seed oil, which prevents pollutant particles as small as 2.5 PM from entering the skin tissues and checks any pollution induced a reaction in the skin at cellular level. It also has patented Oryza sativa extract, which prevents skin damage induced by Blue rays emitted by various gadgets. Further enriched with the antioxidants of Rose, Turmeric, Strawberry, and Olive, this crème rejuvenates your skin from deep within. It’s a perfect solution to prep and protects your skin, to keep up the health of your skin.

Along with skin protection from pollutants and Blue-rays, it is important to rejuvenate your skin by driving away any hidden toxin or impurity in your skin. Eco-sustainable ‘Volcanic Ash’, Activated Charcoal and Basil Oil based Omorfee Detox Face Pack, extracts out all the deep embedded toxins and grime from your pores. It leaves skin super clean, detoxed and fresh. Basil Oil adds to the antimicrobial properties of the pack, which would help prevent any skin breakout. Your skin will feel its cleanest and fresh.

Make these a part of your vanity to keep your skin squeaky clean, protected, healthy and super glowing, this festive season!

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