Trishita Mishra Adlakha
RnD Head (Co-Founder)

I am Trishita Mishra Adlakha, co- founder and R & D In- Charge. I have been associated with Omorfee right from its inception in 2014. We started with a very small team at our R&D unit, which has now gradually grown to a team size of more than 20 members. With the principle research centre in Delhi, we have another subsidiary unit at Thane, Maharashta. After toiling for about two years, we could officially launch our products in 2016.

My team of experienced scientists and cosmetologists have strived and have been striving hard every day to bring out the best in class organic products. Thorough research and trials are carried for every product to enhance their stability and efficacy. Being in cordial contact with French cosmetologists, it helps amp up our expertise to experiment with highly innovative and patented organic ingredients, to be used in the right way in the desired product.

Incorporation of unique and patented ingredients with proven results is our aim. We make it a solemn point to introduce one or more highly advanced and result oriented (of course natural origin) active ingredient in every product, not the run of the mill ingredients.

We always aim to make our products stand apart in terms of ingredients and the quality of the ingredients, which makes us choose only certified and authentic ingredients.

As we know that research is the core of any brand/company, so we make sure that it lives up to its values. Thorough and honest research, for making the best effect-oriented products with zero chemical residue is our motto. And paying more heed to the health of skin and hair than just its temporary beautification, is our principle!