Facing Dry skin issues? Find out the solutions here.

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We are all blessed with our own skin types much like our personalities. Each individual is a separate identity with his/her own attributes. The same is true of our skin as well. Though for the sake of convenience, it is clubbed under certain categories like Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination skin. My concern for today is addressing the Dry Skin type.

It is remarkable isn't it that whatever be our skin type and it's corresponding issues, nature has really endowed us with its benefits. If you will only notice that there are enough natural ingredients to take care of your skin problems.
The most common problem associated with the Dry Skin type is Skin flakiness and an uncomfortable stretchy feel. The skin feels all stretched & screams for hydration.

Since there is a loss of moisture-content in the skin, it ends up feeling irritated. And the problems don't end there. This kind of extreme dryness eventually leads to other skin issues like premature ageing & sagging. A dry skin type will show tell-tale signs of fine lines, wrinkles much faster than the skin type which is kept adequately moisturized. Add to these woes are all the other external elements eg. pollutants, wind, stress  etc. The harsh chemicals that your skin gets exposed to everyday remain a constant threat to your skin condition. The smoke, vehicular fumes cause severe skin damage, no matter what is your skin type.

May I also bring to your notice that weather conditions too play a prominent role in the way your skin reacts and the visible signs are there. In an Arid Climate, a DRY SKIN TYPE will have a tough time

retaining it's already depleted moisture-content. Our skin is naturally given certain oils & moisture which remain locked-in the skin surface. When under stress, the same will be drained out of your skin, leaving it extremely parched, irritated and dry. Since nowadays people want to use more of air-conditioning, this also affects the Dry Skin type, making it even drier. So take that extra care of your skin and save the damage!