Want a smooth, moisturizing Organic Body Wash?

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Looking for a smooth, consistent Body Wash? That cleanses and also maintains the natural softness of your skin texture? Well, here's the answer.

There's a Body Wash with high nutrient-content. Packed with the goodness of such organic ingredients like Cocoa butter, Avocado oil, Shea oil etc. Shea Oil, extracted from Shea butter, is native of Africa. It has exceptionally high healing properties for the skin. It's great for dry skin leaving a smooth, hydrated texture. As this Body Wash has shea oil as an organic component, it's so silky, smooth and shows the moisturizing quality of Shea Butter.

Avocado oil is looked upon as a great source of Anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. This oil has also good absorbing quality, making it ideal for use of dry skin. It also has natural moisturizing quality.
And not to forget, very effective at dealing with flaky, dehydrated skin.

A Cocoa Butter based Body Wash is simply good to maintain a youthful look because it's naturally endowed with a healthy fat, healing benefits for dry skin types.
A well procured really good Natural Body Wash that keeps the skin so soft and feels good too. The name- Velvet Smooth Body Wash. A Look at its ingredients- Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter etc. all organic.

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