Dry Hands? Here’s how you can retain it’s natural moisture.


Washing hands and sanitizing thy hands with alcohol-based sanitizers or chemical soaps and washes is definitely the best thing to do when it comes to preventing virus infections. And although it is essential, we can not ignore the fact that it can leave the hands dry and feeling a bit irritated. It can strip natural oils that lead to dryness and cracking the skin. Liquid hand washes usually contain chemicals. These chemicals are notorious skin irritants. The chemical cleansing agents aggravate skin irritation and leave it inflamed and prone to cracking.

As it is important these days that steps like sanitizing and washing hands should be followed religiously to keep yourself away from infection-causing bacteria and viruses, a few lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of irritation. A few steps can also help in nursing your hands back to full health.

Avoid using Chemical Soaps & Washes

The most commonly used cleansing agents in washes and shampoos are SLS or Sulphates. Sulphates present in the shampoos and washes can dry out the skin and cause inflammation and irritation. Even the chemical fragrances and dyes used in these washes are harsh on the skin and thus, be ignored to be used often. Thus, it becomes important to read the label and choose chemical-free alternatives.

It has become the need of the hour and thus chemical-free options can be used to stay germ-free and healthy without compromising with hand’s skin.

Omorfee Squeaky Clean Hand Wash is Sulphate- and chemical-free and contains plant-based cleansing agents. It drives out all the dust and germs without causing any harm to the skin. Also enriched with Aloe Vera and essential oils, it nourishes and hydrates the skin.


Moisturize with certified and pure organic butter and oils infused cream. So that it does not aggravate the dryness and irritation more.

Omorfee Melting hand Moisturizer is fortified with natural butter and oils. It hydrates and moisturizes the skin. owing to Baobab Oil, it also improves the skin elasticity and brightens it.



Buy a perfect pocket-sized Hand Care Duo for your healthy hands and provide it the care it deserves!

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