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Omorfee 100% Organic and Natural Face Brightening, whitening and lightening oil. Best face oil to bring glow on face skin.

Get a dewy matte glow!

Omorfee 100% Organic and Natural Face Brightening, whitening and lightening oil. Best face oil to bring glow on face skin.

Get a dewy matte glow!

(20 ml / 0.68 Fl. Oz.) 


Why exotic?

A luxurious blend to give your face an instant dewy glow, thanks to the richness and nourishment of Shea, Jojoba, and Lavender.

product benefits 

  • Shea Oil helps in revitalizing the skin. It is also used as a moisturizing agent to intensely nourish and soothe your skin
  • Jojoba Oil intensely nourishes the skin
  • Jojoba Oil also controls skin sebum owing to the presence of Linolenic Acid in it.
  • Lavender Oil complements the sebum balancing process of the skin and deeply hydrates the skin

EXOTIC ingredients

  • Shea Oil (EcoCert)
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Jojoba Oil

product description

With continuous exposure to pollution and dirt, the facial skin becomes dull and looks lifeless. Omorfee brings to you a unique blend of exotic oils to provide your skin with an instant glow and maintains the perfect balance of natural oils in the skin.

Intra Glow Facial Oil renders a lovely sheen to the skin owing to the rich emollients present in the oil. The Lavender Essential Oil present in the oil provides the perfect boost of hydration to the skin while leaving a mesmerizing aroma. The critical oil extracted from the best sourced Shea Butter is a trove of antioxidants and skin-nourishing functional molecules that help to revitalize the skin. Its rich emollients help the skin to combat dryness and bring luminesce to skin. 

Pamper your skin with the non-greasy dose of optimum nourishment and flaunt that beaming glow on your face! 

how to use

Take about 4 drops of the facial oil and massage it in a gentle circular upward movement and let it get soaked.



Intra Glow Facial Oil intensely nourishes the skin as it supplements the skin with necessary nutrients owing to the various oils present in the skin.



Devoid of any chemicals Omorfee's Intra Glow Facial Oil is made with natural and certified organic oils and pure essential oils. Obligating to our core values, each of our product is a constitution of exotic and cosmopolitan certified organic ingredients which are sourced from around the world. 

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Intra Glow Facial Oil is infused with various nourishing oils and thus is enriched with numerous essential nutrients like Vitamin A, E & F. The oil intensely nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the skin. It also enhances the blood circulation owing to the Lavender Essential Oil present in the products and hydrates the skin giving it a natural glow.

reviews & testimonials

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Nikki B (Myrtle Beach, US)

Intra Glow Facial Oil

RS 88 (The Bronx, US)
Great product

Very good results

Vivianne Broadist
Natural glowing look on the face

I gave it to my sister for her birthday. She loves it so much. She uses it everyday and goes to university with a natural glow. Her skin has improved quite a lot as well. She is usually complaining about face oil making her skin oily but this one goes deep in the skin and does not make it oily. Good one.

Raviv Gerardi
My face feels so good

I absolutely love the Glow range of Omorfee which has this oil and face pack. The products show great results and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Irvine Floyed
Liked it

I was very sceptical at first because all the facial oils that I have used before have been pretty awful for my skin. I decided to give it a try after my friends recommendation and I love thus product ever since.

Gilberto Honsch
Worth It

My favorite face oil so far! Absolutely worth every penny! Love it.

Lorie Goudman
Good for all skin types

I have extremely oily skin and was a little sceptical before using it but after using it I absolutely fell in love with this face oil. It is not at all oily is an amazing choice for all skin types.

you buy we plant

What we do?

Nature has been forever bestowing upon us its immense love and care. ‘You Buy We Plant’ is an initiative by OMORFEE, through which we reciprocate nature’s benevolence by our little act of gratitude.For every purchase that our customers make at OMORFEE online and offline stores, we plant local saplings that are grown sustainably in an organic environment. In this way, we aim at preservation of nature and ecosystem.

Why we do?

We understand the value of pure and organic ingredients. Henceforth, all the products produced by Bioruns Private Limited for OMORFEE are constituent of ingredients extracted directly from nature.We found a way to present our love and care for nature for all she has showered upon us. This idea paved way for this program which is now an integral part of the brand ‘OMORFEE’.

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