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Dry Skin

  • omorfee-olive-cleansing-milk-organic-cleansing-milk
    Omorfee 100% Organic and natural cleansing milk. Natural makeup remover for dry skin.

    Olive Cleansing Milk


    HEADING 1 An effective cleanser for dry skin! Volume/Size (200ml/ 6.76 Fl. Oz)  HEADING 2 Why exotic? The effective cleansing action of Coconut der...

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  • omorfee-aqua-splash-face-wash-cleanser-for-dry-face
    Omorfee 100% Organic Face Wash for dry skin. Aloe Vera Face Wash to cleanse the face skin. All natural and gentle face wash.

    Aqua Splash Face Wash


    HEADING 1 A splash of hydration to clean Dry Skin.  Volume/Size (100 ml / 3.38 Fl Oz)  HEADING 2 Why exotic? A Sulphate-free face wash to deeply c...

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  • omorfee-mellow-drizzle-face-toner-lavender-floral-water
    Omorfee organic and all natural face toner. Best for dry skin and keeps your face fresh all day.

    Mellow Drizzle Face Toner


    HEADING 1 A splash of nutrients for Dry / Normal Skin.  Volume/Size (100 ml / 3.38 Fl Oz)  HEADING 2 Why exotic? The natural floral water of Lavend...

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  • omorfee-visage-hydrating-facial-moisturizer-good-facial-moisturzer

    Visage Hydrating Facial Moisturizer


    HEADING 1 Rehydrate your dry skin Weight/Size (50 g / 1.76 Oz)  HEADING 2 Why exotic? A moisturizer enriched with the nourishment of organic Cocoa ...

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  • omorfee-intra-glow-facial-oil-best-oil-for-face
    Omorfee 100% Organic and Natural Face Brightening, whitening and lightening oil. Best face oil to bring glow on face skin.

    Intra Glow Facial Oil


    HEADING 1 Get a dewy matte glow! Volume/Size (20 ml / 0.68 Fl. Oz.)  HEADING 2 Why exotic? A luxurious blend to give your face an instant dewy glow...

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  • omorfee-placid-water-face-toner-good-facial-toner
    Omorfee organic and natural face toner for dry and sensitive skin. All day freshness and refresh face cucumber and camomile water.

    Placid Water Face Toner


    HEADING 1 Soothing care for dry / sensitive skin. Volume/Size (100 ml / 3.38 Fl Oz)  HEADING 2 Why exotic? The soothing extracts of Chamomile Flowe...

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  • omorfee-geranium-floral-water-best-face-toner-for-combination-skin
    omorfee-geranium-floral-water-face toner

    Geranium Floral Water


    HEADING 1 Balanced and nourished skin, always! Volume/Size (100 ml / 3.38 Fl Oz)  HEADING 2 Why exotic? A perfect skin balancing care from nature f...

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  • omorfee-olive-massage-creme-natural-massage-cream

    Olive Massage Crème


    HEADING 1 For Dry & Normal Skin Weight/Size (200 g / 7.05 Oz)  HEADING 2 Why exotic? A massage crème enriched with the richness of Olive Oil in...

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