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Omorfee organic and natural body wash hair wash for baby newborns. Shampoo and wash for baby.

For baby's delicate skin and hair 

Omorfee organic and natural body wash hair wash for baby newborns. Shampoo and wash for baby.

For baby's delicate skin and hair 

(250 ml / 8.45 Fl Oz) 


Why exotic?

A vegetal origin cleanser to cleanse the baby’s delicate skin and hair.

product benefits 

  • 100% Sulphate Free
  • Maintains the natural oils and moisture of the skin and hair
  • Helps in gentle cleaning off the grime, owing to effective vegetal origin cleansing agent
  • Maintains the healthy integrity of the skin and hair, being devoid of sulphates
  • The tempting aroma of pure Strawberry Extracts makes bathing a playful experience

EXOTIC ingredients

  • Coconut Oil Extracts
  • Strawberry Extracts
  • Lily Essential Oil
  • Aloe Vera Extract

product description

Chemical-laden baby care products can seriously damage your baby’s skin. Steer clear of chemicals and give your baby the care of nature. Most chemicals tend to damage the skin and hair of babies and make them prone to dryness and dullness, eventually. Your baby needs gentle and soothing care, very much like your love.

Bloom Baby Hair & Body Wash has been made with utmost care using Coconut Oil derived extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, Strawberry Extracts, and Lily Flower Extracts to gently clean off grime and maintain the healthy integrity of the skin and hair. It is a perfectly gentle cleanser to wash your baby’s hair as well as skin. The sweet aroma of the cleanser helps to cheer up your baby’s mood and make bathing a playful experience.

Let your love join hands with the efficacy and gentleness of nature, to keep your little angel’s skin and hair happy and healthy!

how to use

Take a sufficient quantity of the cleanser into your palm. Apply it gently all over your baby’s dampened hair and body. Work up lather and rinse off. Shake well before use.



Enriched with Strawberry and Lily Extracts, this hair and body cleanser deeply cleanses the babies' skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple. Additionally, it also maintains the healthy integrity of skin and hair.



Devoid of Sulphate, Omorfee’s Bloom Baby Hair & Body Wash uses Coconut derivatives. Coconut effectively cleanses the skin, driving out all the dirt and grime and without disrupting the protective barrier of the skin. 

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Omorfee organic and natural body wash hair wash for baby newborns. Shampoo and wash for baby.omorfee-bloom-baby-hair-and-body-wash-baby-hair-and-body-wash

For baby's delicate skin and hair 

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Bloom Baby Hair & Body Wash is a concoction of Fruit Extracts and Pure Steam Distilled Essential Oils that effectively cleanse, moisturize and nourish the babies' skin, leaving a lingering aroma.

reviews & testimonials

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Iryna Myronyuk (Scranton, US)
Love it!

It’s just great ! I wish it was less expensive

Goddard Vasyutochkin
Best organic bath wash for babies. Must buy

My mom gifted me this after searching for organic products for the baby. I love this product so much. It does not dry my baby's skin after shower, rather it feels soft which is such a different experience. I will continue using this product for a while now.

Perle Swannell
Lovely fragrance, removes all residual oil

This body and hair wash is perfect for my baby. It is very gentle and has a lovely fragrance. It doesn't leave traces of oil on the hair or skin yet it keeps the skin soft and hydrated. I have been using this for 3 months now.

Friederike Jurgenson
Strawberries and perfect bath time session

This body and hair wash is very gentle on the baby's skin. My girl loves her strawberries and bath time. She is learning how to massage it on her body now which is so fun. The bottle is also so nice, it allows only a dollop to fall at a time.

Dulci Symcock
Luxurious experience for baby's bath time

Bloom baby body and hair wash has such a luxurious texture. It gives perfect lathers while not harming the baby's eyes. My kid loves the bubbles and the bottle. I love how my baby smells of strawberry and lily after each shower and the fragrance stays for long. Will recommend it to all my friends.

Tamra Gascone
No more cranky baby. Bath time has become easy with this product

I got the hair and body wash and the massage oil as a gift for my baby. My friend suggested that it is very good and does not harm the baby skin at all. I loved the fragrance and my baby loves this product too. He loves his showers and is not cranky at all. The frangrance is so nice and colorful.

Alvin Vassar
Chemical free wash. baby friendly

I love this hair and body was for babies. The strawberry fragrance is so nice. It is gentle on the body and hair and doesn't burn the eyes. The best part is that there are no chemicals which gives me more confidence in using the product.

you buy we plant

What we do?

Nature has been forever bestowing upon us its immense love and care. ‘You Buy We Plant’ is an initiative by OMORFEE, through which we reciprocate nature’s benevolence by our little act of gratitude.For every purchase that our customers make at OMORFEE online and offline stores, we plant local saplings that are grown sustainably in an organic environment. In this way, we aim at preservation of nature and ecosystem.

Why we do?

We understand the value of pure and organic ingredients. Henceforth, all the products produced by Bioruns Private Limited for OMORFEE are constituent of ingredients extracted directly from nature.We found a way to present our love and care for nature for all she has showered upon us. This idea paved way for this program which is now an integral part of the brand ‘OMORFEE’.

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