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For men's moisturizing needs


For men's moisturizing needs

(50 g / 1.76 Oz) 


Why exotic?

A daily care crème infused with nourishing hydration and oil balancing properties for effective action on men’s skin.

product benefits 

  • Perfectly hydrates the skin, without any greasiness
  • Keeps skin protected from infections and harsh weather conditions
  • Deeply nourishes the skin, owing to the product’s antioxidant properties

EXOTIC ingredients

  • Baobab Oil
  • White Mineral Clay
  • Kokum Butter
  • Patchouli Essential Oil
  • Wheat Germ Oil

product description

It is undeniable that men’s skin needs an extra bit of care to keep it healthy and nourished.

The ‘Gentleman’s Facial Crème’ is a semi-matte moisturizer to nurture the requirements of men’s skin. Rich organic emollients and Jojoba Oil deeply hydrate the skin while White Clay prevents the excess oil build-up on the skin. Aloe Vera is one of the best moisture and nourishment providers for skin universally. Baobab is an exotic oil, extremely rich in Omega fatty acids needed for the healthy functioning of the skin. It also protects the skin from extremes of temperature. Additionally, Patchouli Oil content in the crème further hydrates and enriches the skin.

Thus, the crème provides optimum and essential nutrients needed by men’s skin to stay healthy. 

how to use

Apply the required amount of crème in a tapping fashion onto a cleansed face. 



Fortified with Kokum Butter and Baobab Oil, the men's face cream nourishes the skin while maintaining the sebum level owing to White Mineral Clay.



Devoid of any chemicals, Omorfee's Gentleman's Facial Creme is made with natural and certified organic ingredients. Obligating to our core values, each of our product is a constitution of exotic and cosmopolitan certified organic ingredients which are sourced from around the world.  


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For men's moisturizing needs

Omorfee Organic and natural Beard wash for soft and clean beard. Daily beard and Moustache wash.omorfee-beard-and-mustache-wash-best-beard-growth-wash

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White Mineral Clay in the crème helps in regulating sebum balance in the skin. Baobab Oil’s nutrients have the unique property of protecting skin from extremes of temperatures. Kokum Butter and Patchouli have nourishing properties on the skin. Turmeric Oil and Aloe vera imparts soothing and antimicrobial properties

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reviews & testimonials

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gio Sanders (Hillsborough, US)
Great Priced Product

I’ve been using this product for over 2wks now. It truly works perfectly my skin perfectly balanced as an African American male.

Ranee O' Donohoe
healthy happy face

It hydrates my skin and leaves it healthy and nourished.

Dwain Khidr
good for acne reduction

My acnes and outbursts have reduced considerably.

Johan McDowell
great cream for winter

Perfect product for my winter skin. Keeps my face hydrated all day long!

Gerrie Whyler
gentle on skin

It had a bad burn after I went to the beach. This crme soothed my skin and the burn reduced considerably after a few days.

Gustavo Bosnell
great to prevent acne

Best crme after shave. Makes my skin smooth and I dont have any outbreaks

Wally Stygall
good for dry skin

I have really dry skin and I have tried a lot of creams available in the market for both men and women, but the way Omorfees crme works for my skin, I love it so much. It keeps my skin hydrated and nourished without leaving the greasy residues.

you buy we plant

What we do?

Nature has been forever bestowing upon us its immense love and care. ‘You Buy We Plant’ is an initiative by OMORFEE, through which we reciprocate nature’s benevolence by our little act of gratitude.For every purchase that our customers make at OMORFEE online and offline stores, we plant local saplings that are grown sustainably in an organic environment. In this way, we aim at preservation of nature and ecosystem.

Why we do?

We understand the value of pure and organic ingredients. Henceforth, all the products produced by Bioruns Private Limited for OMORFEE are constituent of ingredients extracted directly from nature.We found a way to present our love and care for nature for all she has showered upon us. This idea paved way for this program which is now an integral part of the brand ‘OMORFEE’.

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