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Reveal healthy & glowing skin!


Reveal healthy & glowing skin!

(50 g & 200 g/ 1.76 Oz & 7.05 Oz) 


Why exotic?

A concoction of Plant Cellulose Beads and Organic Butters to gently exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

product benefits 

  • Kokum Butter moisturizes the skin but also has great skin penetrating properties
  • Almond Oil helps to revive the natural glow of the skin
  • Natural Mango Butter promotes healthy skin cell production
  • Plant Cellulose Beads gently exfoliate dead skin cells without causing any harshness to skin

EXOTIC ingredients

  • Plant Cellulose Beads 
  • Almond Oil
  • Mango Butter
  • Kokum Butter
  • Violet Essential Oil

product description

Exfoliation of the skin is an integral part of a complete skin care regimen. It helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and the deep-set grime in skin cells. Accumulation of dead skin cells gives a dull and lifeless look. Like facial scrubbing, body exfoliation works towards letting you achieve and maintain rejuvenated skin all over your body.

Omorfee ‘Skin Pro Body Polisher’ has been designed in a fashion that smoothens, moisturizes, and nourishes skin while scrubbing away the dead skin cells. Kokum Butter and Mango Butter intensively soften skin owing to its essential fatty acids. Natural Cellulose Beads gently scrub the dead cells away while cold-pressed oils hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin. The natural oils and butter are troves of antioxidants and Vitamin A, C & E, which promote healthy skin rejuvenation.

Use the Skin Pro Body Polisher for healthy and glowing skin!

how to use

Massage a sufficient amount of the product onto the wet body and scrub well. Wash it off gently with water.



The body scrub contains Plant Cellulose Beads as the exfoliating agent. No harsh scrubbing agents have been used in the product which makes it an ideal scrub for getting rid of dead skin cells.



Devoid of any chemicals Omorfee's Skin Pro Body Polisher is made with natural and certified organic ingredients. Obligating to our core values, each of our product is a constitution of exotic and cosmopolitan certified organic ingredients which are sourced from around the world. 

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Fortified with Organic Emollients, Organic Butters and Cold-Pressed Oils, the Body Scrub keeps the skin moisturized, hydrated and glowing. Plant Cellulose Beads gently ebb away the dead skin cells without irritating the skin like other harsh exfoliators.

reviews & testimonials

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Winn Layborn
A very good body scrub

Generally scrubs rip off the moisture and dry out the skin but Omorfees Skin Pro Body Polisher is a hydrating scrub as it contains natural butters and cold-pressed oils.

Maddy Hopkyns
Best one I have used

I love the product! It reveals a glowing skin and renders the skin soft.

Kingsly Rozsa
Soft Skin

Used this thrice a week for a month and can definitely see the difference in the skin.

Currie Marklund
Regular user

I can not emphasize enough on the pros of the body polisher and how much I love this body scrub. I have no words to express how much I like it!

Trixy Kardos-Stowe
Works for me

It is a perfect product to get rid of the tan at home. Love the product!

Tisha Sidary
Moisturized after scrub

It leaves my skin very soft all thanks to the almond oil and other natural butters in the scrub.

Shellie Michael
She recommends

Gifted this to my sister and totally forgot about it, until a few days back when I saw her again and asked her the secret of her smooth skin. Now ordering it for myself too.

you buy we plant

What we do?

Nature has been forever bestowing upon us its immense love and care. ‘You Buy We Plant’ is an initiative by OMORFEE, through which we reciprocate nature’s benevolence by our little act of gratitude.For every purchase that our customers make at OMORFEE online and offline stores, we plant local saplings that are grown sustainably in an organic environment. In this way, we aim at preservation of nature and ecosystem.

Why we do?

We understand the value of pure and organic ingredients. Henceforth, all the products produced by Bioruns Private Limited for OMORFEE are constituent of ingredients extracted directly from nature.We found a way to present our love and care for nature for all she has showered upon us. This idea paved way for this program which is now an integral part of the brand ‘OMORFEE’.

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